Trojans News · Trojan Head Painted at Your Residence

The Athletic Department is offering the Official Clarenceville Trojan Head to be painted where
you would like at your house.  This is a GREAT way to show your Trojan Pride around the
community.  It is also a neat way to decorate your sidewalk for graduation.  For those
Seniors who want the Trojan Head painted, we will do it before your graduation party.
Be sure to add the date of your party.  Some ideal locations would be the center of your
driveway, under the basketball pole, front walkway, center of garage floor.  Cost is $20
per painted Trojan Head to be paid the day of painting.  Logo will fade in 1-2 years, so
you will need to get painted every few years to keep it looking sharp!  (IF you are already
committed to have logo painted, please fill out form so to help organize the process.)
Fill out form to have Trojan Head painted: