Boys Varsity Wrestling · Clarenceville host team districts

  Place Points
Clarenceville High School 1st 57
Harper Woods High School 2nd 21

Back to Back to Back to Back is what the Clarenceville wrestling Trojans set up to accomplish Thursday night when they hosted team districts. The were up to the task when they defeated Harper woods 57-21 in the district finals harper woods advanced to the finals after defeating Jalen Rose academy 30 to 38, Clarenceville had a bye to the finals

Trojans started out the night with 3 wins via Voids from Harper woods winning those matches were
Ethan Krettlen 103
Dean Harrington 112
Nick Pahaganas 119
the match at 125 was a pin for the Trojans as Jonathan Sanchez suck his opponent in the final seconds of the first period
130 was a win for Harper Woods
135 was a void and a win for Jacob Wiess
140 Justin Fields came out with a pin in the first period
145 was a void from harper woods and Alex Means with the victory
152 Will Vernier got the victory from a void by harper woods
160 Brendan Mahoney came a way with a 9 to 6 decision
171 Max Zarzycki pinned his way to victory with a first period pin
189 Trojans voided the weight class
215 and 285 Harper woods won both matches 215 with a 3 to 8 final score and heavy weight was a pin for harper woods

this completed 4 time district champs for the seniors first time in school history that the senior class had 4 district titles